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Preparing to Defend Ourselves Against the Billionaires' Austerity

Não resisto a transcrever este artigo recolhido num site interno da UE, realizado por verdadeiros conhecedores da matéria. Por outras palavras, os verdadeiros causadores da tremenda crise que a Europa vive neste momento andam bem mascarados e a ganhar rios de dinheiro à custa da classe média europeia. Um pouco contra a corrente de desinformação que reina em Portugal, vamos à realidade dos factos:

"Now that money has become so tight, there are far too many people earning five digit salaries in our midst.

The contention that these high flyers absolutely must be paid 10 000+ EUROs because of their oh so high qualifications is laughable.

If they were so smart, why didn't they just prevent the financial crisis and save us all a mountain of money? If any among us share responsibility for the mess Europe is in, they are to be found at the top of the pay scale. And that is the place to cut, if at all.

There is another consideration. The big earners love to hold speeches about their profound commitment to the European cause. Well, one way of showing commitment is to work for the miserable subsistence wage of only 9 999 EUROs.

What to say to one who replies "Sorry, but I will work here for at least 10 000 EUROs, or not at all." The safest answer would be "Good bye. Please drop off your badge at the reception." Because people so attached to their private bank accounts can never be trustworthy public servants. Remember the Eurostat scandal? It was Directors, not the Assistants earning half their salaries who were caught with their hands in the till.

Considering the sacrifices that Portuguese workers are being forced to make, questions arise. Has Mr Barroso paid off his mortgage? Are his kids out of the university already? How long could his family survive on 9 999 EUROs?

Background Analysis:

Again; 2% of the people own 50% of the money on earth 1. We, the lower 98% own the other half of the money on earth.

How is it possible that the 2% and the 98% can, at least sometimes, co exist peacefully inside democratically constructed states? That is the question.

Two mechanisms are at work here.

The first mechanism is that the 2% simply own and control most of the media industry, though not . Think of Mr Berlusconi and Mr Murdoch if you want examples. Most of what we know and think is under the control of journalists whose careers depend on the plutocrats' goodwill. That system works, but not for us.

The second mechanism lies in political democracy. The so-called political class makes up around a per mille of the population, but it is essentially for the stability of our system. A cynically rational politician perceives that the 2% and the 98% are equally important for his career. The 2% for generous campaign financing and the 98% for their many votes.

He will loose big-time if he tells his voters openly that fifty of them are barely equal to one millionaire, so he keeps that embarrassing fact to himself and tells us whatever we would like to hear; world peace and strong national defence, more industrial jobs and a clean, idyllic environment, respect for human rights and the war on terror. The main point is to be elected, not to solve problems or tell the truth.

Applying this analysis to our topic, we see that destructively anti-rational policies are being forced through because half of the power lies in the hands of a minority that sees the universal enforcement of regulations as a form of enslavement. The current financial crisis has proven to be lucrative and empowering for them. That is why they are working towards the next one."

in SID News & Views for June 2011, orgão sindicalista da UE


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Às 16 junho, 2011 11:52 , Blogger alf disse...


Só há uma coisa que falta dizer: isto acontece porque vivemos num sistema que foi concebido numa época de carência, em que era preciso aumentar a produção. Isto não é culpa de certas pessoas, é culpa das regras do sistema, com as quais somos todos (ou quase) coniventes - queremos depósitos a prazo a pagar 4%? então é preciso que os financeiros especulem sobre as dívidas soberanas, doutra forma onde poderiam ganhar tanto? o crescimento industrial só gera 2 ou 3%? PPR? Leasing? Só servem para fuga aos impostos, não é? Então porque é que as pessoas aderem? porque só vêm a sua vantagem individual imediata.

Sem uma visão colectiva da sociedade, o que implica confiança nesta, as pessoas agem em função do seu interesse imediato e isso conduz sempre ao desastre a prazo. É preciso definir a sociedade doutra maneira, com outras regras. E isso não é nada fácil...

Às 16 junho, 2011 19:48 , Blogger bluegift disse...

Olá Alf. Ou seja, é preciso que a população europeia se revolte contra este estado de coisas, o pior é que por enquanto andamos todos adormecidos a trocar de partido em vez de mudar de política global. Quando é que vamos acordar? Confesso que estou muito péssimista.

Às 17 junho, 2011 01:00 , Blogger Peter disse...

"The main point is to be elected, not to solve problems or tell the truth."
A Islândia encontra-se já em plena recuperação e readquiriu a sua credibilidade económica. Talvez seja de lhe seguirmos o exemplo...


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